What is Data Science

If you google, you'll find many definitions and it's confusing. But what data science really is?

It's taking thousands of forms of data and deriving meaningful conclusions from it.

What can data do?

  1. Data can describe our current state.
    • It can be accomplished through dashboards and alerts simplifying time intensive reporting techniques with new data technologies.
  1. It can help detect anomalous events
    • If we have data on what has happened previously, we can increase efficiency by automatically detecting a new event on what is expected.
  1. Diagnose the cause of observed events and behaviour
    • Rather than determining correlation between small number of events, data science techniques help us understand complex systems with many possible causes
  1. Finally, data can predict future events
    • We can use new techniques to take various causes into account and predict potential outcomes.
    • Further we can evaluate the probability of our prediction mathematically to clarify the level of uncertainty.

The data science workflow

  1. Data Collection
  1. Exploration & Visualization
  1. Making Predictions